Garden Woodworking

Fork Handles

Repairs are part and parcel of keeping a home. I did intend to write up an outdoor project I started many years ago, but a more recent bit of outdoor work interrupted. We have a good garden and veg patch, and there’s always opportunity for digging. Wear-and-tear happens though, and sometimes repairs are necessary. In […]

Bookshelf Woodworking


It’s not all about books. In an earlier blog I noted our family’s propensity to fill the house with books, necessitating new shelves to be assembled every few months or so. However, books are not the only things that need shelf space. I’m old fashioned, and like to keep a library of CDs. Back in […]

House Woodworking


Strictly speaking, I didn’t make a banister… A banister is a handrail with supporting posts at the side of stairs, there to help people move up and down and stop them falling off. When I first moved to this house in 2001, I quickly came to hate the banister that was here. It was a […]