Table Woodworking

TV Table

Eyesight gets worse as you get older. This project started when we began to lose the ability to read The Walls on the television quiz show Only Connect. We would have to sit far forwards on the sofa for that round, to make the writing big enough. It was no good, we would have to […]

Garden Woodworking


“The grass is always greener on the other side–that’s because we can’t see over the fence.” (Marsha Hinds) I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that much of my woodworking involves making replacement parts, particularly for things that go outside, around the garden. The biggest replacement so far has been to rebuild a 14-metre section of our […]

House Technique Woodworking

Lamp Clamp

Making replacement parts… Sometimes a big thing can be rendered useless when a small part of it breaks or goes missing. I’m beginning to find that with some basic woodworking skills under my belt, I can fashion replacement parts and keep things alive for a few more years. This is most evident around the garden, […]