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Music Studio – part 2

I’m building a 19-inch rack for our music room… In the first part of this story, I put together a design, and bought and prepared some lovely Oak that would be used to build a frame to hold the rack. Now it’s time to begin the assembly. First of all, a quick recap. A 19-inch […]

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Music Studio

At the tail end of last year, I decided it was time to put some of my accumulated woodworking skills to the test. I set out to build an Oak Cabinet. Not just an Oak Cabinet, an Oak 19-Inch Rack! So, why a 19-inch rack? And what is one anyway? I’d better do some explaining… […]

Bookshelf Woodworking


Most of my time messing about with wood has been spent making flat surfaces to stand things on. I’ve written up the stories of quite a few of the elaborate shelf units I’ve constructed over the years. The picture above shows a stand I built for our TV for example, of which I remain very […]

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The Kitchen – part 5

The kitchen now works as a kitchen again… Almost. I have been telling the story of how we took the opportunity presented by a boiler and water cylinder failure and transformed a somewhat dark and crowded room into a lighter, open and more spacious creative area. How I ran some remedial repairs, drew up a […]