Bookshelf Woodworking

Hobby Board Fun

Sometimes, the ideas come from finding a particular piece of wood. In the last blog post I talked about how I built a small cabinet to hold shoes (books). I needed some boards that would be quite wide, stable, but not too expensive. I found that pine furniture board did the trick. Alongside this, the […]

Cabinet Woodworking

The Boot Rack

I try to make sure the things I build serve a practical purpose. On this occasion my wife said, “I need somewhere to store shoes in the bedroom”. This was very true. Shoes do tend to occupy prominent positions around the house. The idea was to make something that could blend into a corner of […]

Table Woodworking

The Boy's Desk – part 3

I built a desk in my son’s room. This is how it came together. In Part 1, I described the planning process. Part 2 covered the tasks of cutting out the desk pieces from the block board countertop. In this part, I get to talk about the assembly… The build began with a round of […]