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Pottery Store – part 3

I’ve been talking about a Pottery Store cupboard I made over the summer. This store is to house the tools of the trade of resident artist, MakeWalkRead. In Part 1 I covered the basic design and measurements. In Part 2 I constructed the frame and shelves and then clad the sides and roof with featherboard. […]

Cabinet Woodworking


A couple of years ago we got a new cat. He was a smashing, lively cat, whose arrival immediately set a timer on the demise of our wicker laundry basket. His claws needed maintenance, and that was his preferred means of manicure (caticure?) I had only a limited time to build a slightly less easily […]

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A Bench for the Den

Work on The Den continues. As The Chap gets older, he becomes less likely to want to swing and slide, and more likely to want to sit and read, or to slope off and find a quiet place to do WhatsApp stuff on his phone. The Den could still play a part in this, though […]