Garden Woodworking

Fork Handles

Repairs are part and parcel of keeping a home. I did intend to write up an outdoor project I started many years ago, but a more recent bit of outdoor work interrupted. We have a good garden and veg patch, and there’s always opportunity for digging. Wear-and-tear happens though, and sometimes repairs are necessary. In […]

House Woodworking


Strictly speaking, I didn’t make a banister… A banister is a handrail with supporting posts at the side of stairs, there to help people move up and down and stop them falling off. When I first moved to this house in 2001, I quickly came to hate the banister that was here. It was a […]

Bookshelf Woodworking

Obelus and Radical – part 2

The boy’s mathematical bookcase project continues… In the previous blog I talked about the design of a bookshelf for my son’s bedroom that would have mathematical symbols hidden into the shelves. I had bought the wood and marked it all up, and was beginning the assembly. I tackled the most complex piece of work first; […]