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Cold Frame – part 3

The Cold Frame is coming together. I have the window frames for the top, and base and legs for the bottom. Now I need to build the middle. The size of the frame’s box is set by the size of the window frames, and the angle at which these will sit. It’s time to get […]

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Cold Frame – part 2

So, I was working an a new cold frame, made out of the old cold frame, which was made out of an old shed. In the previous post I made a plan, then measured and cut lengths of wood for some new window frames. Now to get out the router. I need to give the […]

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Cold Frame

There is something very satisfying in salvaging wood, and seeing it go into new things. As I was saying in the previous post, in 2006 I tried to move a shed from outside our kitchen to a new location at the bottom of the garden. We were working on remodelling our kitchen, which included adding […]