House Technique Woodworking

Scroll Saw

What to do when you’re given a new toy to play with… Father-in-Law has a well-stocked workshop. He keeps his kit in excellent working order, and continues to look for ever better tools to work with. This means that every now and then, he has spares that are otherwise redundant. Would I like any of […]

Cabinet Woodworking


A couple of years ago we got a new cat. He was a smashing, lively cat, whose arrival immediately set a timer on the demise of our wicker laundry basket. His claws needed maintenance, and that was his preferred means of manicure (caticure?) I had only a limited time to build a slightly less easily […]

Bookshelf Woodworking

Where to begin – part 3

No job is ever finished. I began this blog with the story of how I created a set of bookshelves to go in our end room. The shelves filled up a third of a wall, between a new wood stove and the back door. I didn’t think it would be wise building anything around or […]