House Technique Woodworking

Book Stand

So, I’d made a White Horse with a Scroll Saw. Now I needed a use for it. About a year after I had first practiced with the scroll saw, MakeWalkRead said “I could do with a book stand for the kitchen. Something that will hold a big thick cookery book at an angle, keep it […]

Cabinet Woodworking


A couple of years ago we got a new cat. He was a smashing, lively cat, whose arrival immediately set a timer on the demise of our wicker laundry basket. His claws needed maintenance, and that was his preferred means of manicure (caticure?) I had only a limited time to build a slightly less easily […]

Table Woodworking

TV Table

Eyesight gets worse as you get older. This project started when we began to lose the ability to read The Walls on the television quiz show Only Connect. We would have to sit far forwards on the sofa for that round, to make the writing big enough. It was no good, we would have to […]