House Technique Woodworking

Book Stand – part 2

I’m on my way towards making a Book Stand… A while ago I made a picture of the White Horse, in a piece of plywood using a Scroll Saw gifted by my Father-in-Law. This picture was to be turned into a stand for cookery books in the kitchen. So far I have a set of […]


The Story So Far

Good lord! This is my 30th blog post. How did that happen?! I started this blog in that Christmas-New Year period when nothing much else goes on; my first actual proper post going live on 6th January. Since then I’ve waded through a score of things I’ve made around the house and garden, trying to […]

Bookshelf Woodworking

Obelus and Radical

The Boy’s bedroom projects continue… He has a lot of books, of course, and a newly modelled bedroom that didn’t offer anywhere to put them. I could’ve bought a regular, free-standing bookshelf… Alright, I couldn’t. I was bound to end up building one, wasn’t I? His room had a thin slice of wall in the […]