House Technique Woodworking

Book Stand – part 2

I’m on my way towards making a Book Stand… A while ago I made a picture of the White Horse, in a piece of plywood using a Scroll Saw gifted by my Father-in-Law. This picture was to be turned into a stand for cookery books in the kitchen. So far I have a set of […]

Table Woodworking

TV Table – part 3

Putting it together. We needed a table on which to stand our new TV. In previous blog posts I talked about making a table top, a shelf and a pair of legs. Time to turn them into an actual table. Then our TV can have something nice to sit on and our cat something nice […]

Cabinet Woodworking

The Boot Rack

I try to make sure the things I build serve a practical purpose. On this occasion my wife said, “I need somewhere to store shoes in the bedroom”. This was very true. Shoes do tend to occupy prominent positions around the house. The idea was to make something that could blend into a corner of […]