DIY House

The Kitchen – part 2

A few years ago, I (well, with some help) rebuilt our kitchen. This is the story of the decision-making processes I went though, and the new design that resulted. In the previous post I talked about the original layout of the kitchen, and how it looked when I moved in. As soon as I could, […]

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Pottery Store – part 2

I’m building a cupboard that will go outside and provide a store for the pottery and craft tools and supplies used by my wonderful wife, MakeWalkRead. I spent the previous post designing, measuring, sketching, and deliberating. Now it’s time to get out the saws, screwdrivers and hammers. Before I can assemble the frame, I need […]

Garden Woodworking

The Den – part 2

So how is that Den going? I left off the previous blog having erected and concreted a set of huge poles and assembled a platform between them a metre and a half off the ground. Next, I needed to add some walls, a roof, and a means to get up to the platform. The walls […]